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The New Atheists

by Warren Nichols on July 2, 2017

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of debates between Christians and Atheists.

What I’ve learnt is that today we as Christians are facing very aggressive and seemingly to some formidable opponents called the new Atheists - and even a subgroup called the new, new Atheists. These people have of course dispensed with belief in Creator God for themselves but they are very aggressively trying to dispense with the right to believe in God for all people. Eliminating all beliefs in God from all cultures everywhere. And Especially focusing on Christianity. And especially focusing on the young and children in the education systems. They believe they are morally superior to Christianity. They are writing purpose driven proselytising children's books to their views. They have cooked up an unscientific untenable doctrine but believe it is superior supported by their reason to all other views.

However, in the debates I’ve watched the evidence and reason for Creator God is so strong now and so convincing That in desperation the only argument they can advance against God's existence is the wild concept of the multiverse or infinite universes to keep alive the notion of random chance causing everything. One of the main reasons this argument is advanced is against the strong scientific evidence that our universe is so astounding designed and fine-tuned for life to exist. To give an idea of the strength of this evidence is that if a ruler spanned the current width of the visible universe that if fine tuning was out just 2.5 cm or 25mm over that length then life couldn't exist in anyway in our universe.

I was thinking into these multiverse concepts and just coming to conclusions myself on how preposterous they are without a shred of evidence.  Preposterous results came to mind, such as how big is ‘’infinite’’ an infinite number of universes would then mean an infinite number of versions of me's and an infinite number of versions of you’s in existence, all making the same free will choices or even a maximum number of different free will choices to the amount of combinations allowed for of the variables in existence due to or allowed for by the laws of nature …..Clearly to believe in one true Creator God is far more reasonable  explanation than these concepts.

Again, with a little thinking one can see that besides the fact that anything exists at all, even one rock or one atom or one quantum particle fluctuation itself points to God's existence…. For you must have a causative law in existence before anything can come into existence. And we know the universe has come into existence. This law or laws of nature where did they come from? they are something They are not nothing as some try to have us believe. They are before space and time and eternal. They are constant acting to cause one universe or even multiple universes (if they exist) or any concept of anything to come into existence and stay in existence at all.-This fact blows atheists arguments out of the water. It confirms and describes exactly what the bible says of the Judeo-Christian God - Our God, the bible says is outside space and time causes everything to come into existence and stay in existence. And He Himself is eternal.

Wonderfully the essence of Our God the bible says is Love. True Love can only be in existence through a free will relationship with another. This is a strong argument for why God is triune. The father has relationship to the Son in Love, and gives in deference to Himself to the Son. The Son loves the father and through love gives of Himself in obedience to the father. The Spirit gives of Himself to the father and the Son and is in a special connection to us. God in three persons give Deference equally to each other and are equal to each other in omniscients, omnipotents, omnipresence, and from this love the universe was created.

Colossians 1:16-17 (ESV) of Jesus 16 For by[a] him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. 17 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together


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